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Wednesday 2 January 2019

When I wrote the film "The Silent Battle", I was approached by someone I had met a few months earlier who has Vitiligo which is a condition that affects your skin pigmentation. He asked me if I could write a film for him about Vitiligo but I didn't know much about Vitiligo so I had to go online before he sent me a newspaper article that he had been featured in which gave me a better idea and I came up with an idea.

Some months after writing the script he called me and told me the film had been shot in Italy which was exciting. We decided to enter it for the KALASHA Awards, which we did under the Diaspora category and waited. We got nominated and now it was a matter of waiting for the final result.

On the day of the awards, it was announced that "The Silent Battle" was the winner a KALASHA Award for the Diaspora category and that was the best news ever.

The film is a short film about a waitress with vitiligo as narrates her daily battles dealing with customers at the restaurant where she works. People look at her and judge her by her look and shun her away, but as much as it affects her, she doesn't let it destroy her life because not all people treat her like that.

It's a situation that we all go through. We judge and we get judged, it's just the way of the world. That was the inspiration behind writing this script. It wasn't just about Vitiligo but about the battles that we all go through.

Follow the link below to watch it.

The Silent Battle.

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