Click Picture For Ken Kiambi Show Reel

Click Picture For Ken Kiambi Show Reel
Click on the Picture to link to Ken Kiambi's Film Show Reel till 2018

Thursday 3 January 2019

This is a show reel of films that I have written and had produced except for Double Vengeance where I was called to direct. These are films that have been done since mid 2016 till late 2018. This year, there's more to come.
To watch the full films, check out my YouTube channel while you there, please subscribe, like, and leave a comment, on Vimeo, or you can just watch them here.

Ken Kiambi Film Show Reel till 2018

Wednesday 2 January 2019

When I wrote the film "The Silent Battle", I was approached by someone I had met a few months earlier who has Vitiligo which is a condition that affects your skin pigmentation. He asked me if I could write a film for him about Vitiligo but I didn't know much about Vitiligo so I had to go online before he sent me a newspaper article that he had been featured in which gave me a better idea and I came up with an idea.

Some months after writing the script he called me and told me the film had been shot in Italy which was exciting. We decided to enter it for the KALASHA Awards, which we did under the Diaspora category and waited. We got nominated and now it was a matter of waiting for the final result.

On the day of the awards, it was announced that "The Silent Battle" was the winner a KALASHA Award for the Diaspora category and that was the best news ever.

The film is a short film about a waitress with vitiligo as narrates her daily battles dealing with customers at the restaurant where she works. People look at her and judge her by her look and shun her away, but as much as it affects her, she doesn't let it destroy her life because not all people treat her like that.

It's a situation that we all go through. We judge and we get judged, it's just the way of the world. That was the inspiration behind writing this script. It wasn't just about Vitiligo but about the battles that we all go through.

Follow the link below to watch it.

The Silent Battle.
At times I also do edits for businesses to create for them short clips to advertise their businesses. Here is a sample of two videos that I did for a club "Afro Night Club". One is 1 minute and 10 seconds long while the other is 18 seconds.

Below is the 1 min 10 second video. Or you can follow the link under it to watch it on YouTube.

 Afro Night Club 1 minute 10 seconds concept.

Below is the 18 second video or you can follow the link under it to watch it on YouTube.

Afro Night Club 18 seconds concept.
How far would a boy go to get an education when all he has to work with is a piece of paper, piece of charcoal and a verandah to work with while constantly dealing with bullies and his only refuge is a small makeshift library.

I wrote "The Smallest Library" at one time when I found a friend of mine stressed and worried. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me that his daughter couldn't go to school over some books that she didn't have. I joked, why don't you have her go stand outside the class window and it'll be like she's in school and with that, an film idea formed in my head.

I wrote the film to inspire both adults and children about the importance and need for a child to go to school and also to bring out the reality that there might be free education in Kenya, but some people can't even afford some of the essentials like school uniform and books required for a child to attend school.

Below is a trailer of the film.

Or you can follow the link below to watch it on YouTube.

The Smallest Library Trailer
We did "Jenny" for the 72 Hour Film Challenge 2018 and it was one of the semi-finalists (A film written, shot, edited and submitted within 72 hours). 

We actually formed the group to shoot this as a joke after meeting at the Kalasha Awards Nominee announcement event and after finding out that the date for the 72 Hour Film Challenge registration had been extended and so so we decided, why not do it.

It was an amazing three days but we were able to pull it off. From 6a.m. October 20th when we got the word that has to appear in the film "Tomorrow is another day" to 6a.m. October 23rd when we were to have submitted the film.

The film is about a young barmaid who is once raped on her way to work. One day while at work, a drunk man walks in and she recognizes him as the rapist. She now has to decide on what to do.

Follow the link below to watch it.


"Mwende's Dream" is a film I wrote about Mwende, a young girl who loves her family but believes that the only problem in her family is her father's drinking. She has a close relationship with her mother but a secret hidden fear of her father when he's drunk. Her prayer is that one day he may stop drinking so that they can be the perfect family.

This film has been nominated twice, once for the Alliance Francaise Smartphone Film Challenge in 2017 and for the Kenya Film Commission Mobile Phone Competition in 2018.

Follow the link below to watch it.

Mwende's Dream

Tuesday 1 January 2019

"Through My Eyes" is a film I wrote and Executive produced on post but with a twist, the Kenyan election violence effects through the eyes of a child. As we fight each other and chose sides that lead us to decisions that affect us and society, we often overlook those who can't speak for themselves and are always never even involved... THE CHILDREN.

Follow the link below to watch it.

Through My Eyes 

Amazing 7D Hologram show in Dubai, Poland and Japan

Sunday 4 December 2016

Here's a link to "The Proposal" full short film by Kiambi Entertainment, Written and directed by Ken Kiambi.

Watch, enjoy, like, comment and share.

For a woman it's more about the perfect wedding but for a man it's more about getting the proposal right.
This is a short film about a young man James who wants to propose to his girlfriend Njesh but things keep going wrong as he goes out of his way for a perfect proposal. 

The Proposal full short film

Friday 16 September 2016

Hey y'all sorry for the silence. Hope you've all been doing great. For me just preparing for quite a number of projects including one challenge that is approaching which I have been looking forward to for a long time.

The 48 hour film challenge. Follow this link,, to learn more about it

It will be tiring, but awesome, a challenge, thus the name, and fun, which makes the whole experience worth it.

Been coming up with a great team and I can't wait to get to work with them.

Will be keeping you updated as the challenge approaches.

Another polite behind the scene from the short film, "The Proposal". More to come, film launch coming up soon, just watch this space.

Be happy and keep smiling y'all.