Click Picture For Ken Kiambi Show Reel

Click Picture For Ken Kiambi Show Reel
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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

How far would a boy go to get an education when all he has to work with is a piece of paper, piece of charcoal and a verandah to work with while constantly dealing with bullies and his only refuge is a small makeshift library.

I wrote "The Smallest Library" at one time when I found a friend of mine stressed and worried. When I asked him what was wrong, he told me that his daughter couldn't go to school over some books that she didn't have. I joked, why don't you have her go stand outside the class window and it'll be like she's in school and with that, an film idea formed in my head.

I wrote the film to inspire both adults and children about the importance and need for a child to go to school and also to bring out the reality that there might be free education in Kenya, but some people can't even afford some of the essentials like school uniform and books required for a child to attend school.

Below is a trailer of the film.

Or you can follow the link below to watch it on YouTube.

The Smallest Library Trailer

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